Regular Pizza Boy Becomes Hero Pizza Man


The kids are all right, specifically this one: Anson Lemmer, age 19, home for the summer in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was on his second day working at a local joint called Uncle Pizza when he found himself saving a life.

From the Post Independent:

“This was my very last order of the night. I expected to just run right out there and back,” Lemmer said.
Instead, when he arrived at the address on Valley View Road with a hot pizza, he saw a man turning blue outside of the house. Two other people were with the man—one attempting CPR and one on the phone calling it in.
“When I pulled up there, I knew something was wrong, and I had to act. They asked me right away if I knew CPR,” Lemmer said. “I jumped in right away to do those chest compressions.”

And step in he did, until the experts showed up:

It all happened in 10 to 15 minutes, he said, when EMTs from the Glenwood Fire Department showed up to take over. Lemmer said they shook his hand and thanked him.
“He started to breathe … very wheezy. Not coherent yet,” Lemmer said. “I backed off.”

Wheezy F Baby, the F is for “Where the F Were You Anson Lemmer, This is Your Manager OK?” The pizza brass thought Lemmer had gotten lost, but he was just out here being legend:

“I called my parents and said this has been the craziest pizza delivery ever. I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man,” Lemmer said.

Emphasis allll ours.

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Image via Fox/screengrab

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