Rep. Darrell Issa: Perhaps Reporter Saw Me Flicking Her Off, But I Did Not Flick Her Off 


As revelations of the Comey memo smacked the GOP like a moldy wet towel to the butt, Politico reporter Rachael Bade tweeted that Rep. Darrell Issa—not exactly known for his upstanding professional conduct—had flipped her the bird when she asked for comment.

Other reporters’ responses are kind of fun to check out:

Issa’s creative response, however, is really a thing to behold!

Excellent response-to-retweet ratio here, by the way:

And again, sorry, just having some fun:

It must be devastating to learn that your eyeballs are inaccurate. Please, everyone, send your thoughts and prayers to Rachael Bade, who is at least fortunate to possess BFG-level hearing so painfully acute she’s able to pick up finger movement.

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