Report: Woman Sexually Assaulted by Fake Cab Driver


Adding even more legitimacy to those fears about potentially harassing Lyft drivers in San Francisco, a Boston woman was sexually assaulted after getting into what she assumed was a real cab early Sunday morning, the second such attack in the city in recent weeks.

According to the Boston Globe, both cases have strikingly similar details: a woman tries to hail a cab late at night/early in the morning. They hail what they think is a livery cab but turns out to not be a licensed taxi. The driver drives them to an area that they have not specified and then assaults them.

Police are being criticized for not releasing details about the first attack earlier to warn women to be on the lookout. In response, the State Police has apologized, but the district attorney said that it was necessary that they complete their investigation before revealing the first incident to the public. A cab driver interviewed suggested that women make sure that they’re getting into a legitimate cab before driving away, while another woman on the street said that it was important Bostonites stay aware of the only seven livery cab companies in the city.

Woman attacked in Allston, police say []

Image via Darren McCollester/Getty

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