Republican Takes Anthony Weiner's Former Congressional Seat


Sometimes you can get so caught up in making hilarious weiner jokes that you forget sex scandals have political consequences. In a special election held yesterday, Republican Bob Turner won a surprise victory over Democrat David Weprin in the race for the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner, a seven-term Democrat with a penchant for Tweeting dick pics.

The L.A. Times describes Turner as, “a retired television executive best known for producing The Jerry Springer Show,” and says Weprin is, “a state assemblyman from a politically connected family.” With such appealing candidates, it must have been a tough choice for voters in Queens and Brooklyn, but they decided to make Turner the first Republican to hold the seat since 1923. Some say the election was actually a referendum on President Obama’s economic policy, and other voters told NPR they were unhappy about Obama’s policy toward Israel. Either way, the Republican party may not hold on to the seat for long because New York is expected to lose two congressional districts next year, and this will probably be one of them.

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