Researchers Say: Morning-After Pill Ineffective When Not Used • Casey Anthony Asks For Government Money


• Giving girls stashes of the morning-after pill does nothing to prevent teen pregnancy, says study. Many women don’t take the pill, even if they could use it, which leads us to the most obvious statement put in print today:

“Like condoms, emergency contraception will not work if it is not used,” explained lead researcher Chelsea Polis. You don’t say! However, they also found that providing women with the Plan B doesn’t turn them into giant sluts, which is good news, we suppose. • Teen girls who get STDs don’t become celibate for the rest of their lives, says a recent study, and counseling about abstinence does not stop them from jumping back into bed with their partners. • File this under no shit: Kids today aren’t any more egotistical or unhappy than kids in the 1970s. An analysis of almost 500,00 high-schoolers found that teenagers are not the “self-centered, anti-social slackers” that some research has made them out to be. Now let’s hear a resounding chorus of “The kids are alright!” • A group of nuns have gone against the official stance of the Catholic church to urge lawmakers to pass healthcare reform bill and stop dithering about abortion coverage. In their letter to congress, the nuns write: “And despite false claims to the contrary, the Senate bill will not provide taxpayer funding for elective abortions. It will uphold longstanding conscience protections and it will make historic new investments – $250 million – in support of pregnant women. This is the REAL pro-life stance, and we as Catholics are all for it.” Amen to that. • “As a young woman,” said a 22-year-old Haitian woman living in the camps. “I am afraid because I notice a lot of young men being aggressive toward women at night.” Not only has the earthquake destroyed many rape crisis centers and killed some of the most important female leaders, it has also unleashed a band of predators on vulnerable Haitian women. • Is Tiger Woods‘ decision to make his reentry into golf at the Masters in Augusta a “slap in the face” for women? Filip Bondy argues that the fact there are no women among the 300 Augusta members makes it the “headquarters for the good old boys of golf.” We’re with him until he draws a parallel between their mistreatment of women and Tiger’s “banishment” of the women in his life to the sidelines. Note to Bondy: womanizing is not the same as keeping women out of a sport for years and years. Both are may be sexist, but Woods’ does not deserve to be raked over the coals for trying to make a comeback at his sport. • In 2002, 19-year-old Ali Kemp was raped and murdered in her neighborhood pool. Soon after, her father decided to fight his grief by setting up a foundation in his daughter’s name and offering free self-defense training. In the past five years, more than 38,000 women have benefited from Roger Kemp‘s initiative. • The Pentagon released a report yesterday that reveals an 11% increase in reports of sexual assault in the military over the past year. Officials say it may not necessarily reflect a rise in assaults, but might instead indicate an increasing willingness on behalf of the victims to come forward. • Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette has announced that she will be joining the “Stars on Ice” tour and she will be allowed to perform a piece that is a tribute to her recently deceased mother. Although she was originally barred from doing the exhibition in honor of her mother by the International Skating Union, they have since reversed their decision. • While relatively few women are choosing to have their babies at home, the number of U.S. home births has risen in recent years. • A new survey reveals that the number one thing most likely to distract drivers is an attractive woman. The second worst distraction for motorists are heritage sites, and hot men, fancy cars, and store window displays all made the list as well. • A poll out of Britain found that only 18% of men would take a six-month paternity leave if it were offered, but 79% said they would make use of flexible working arrangements if their employer encouraged it. Sadly, many men believe their companies wouldn’t actively support their alternative paternity plans. • Police in Florida say they’ve arrested a woman who stole nearly $300,000 worth of good and cash by pretending to be a psychic. Weirdly, she also convinced her target to wrap herself in gel and cellophane before going for a six-mile jog. • An assistant manager at a store for baby clothes says she was forced keep quiet about her pregnancy in case it upset other workers who had miscarriages or abortions. She says she was not allowed to mention her pregnancy, and was bullied daily by her boss. • CNN reports that Casey Anthony will appear in court on Friday to request state funding for costs associated with her upcoming trial for the murder of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Casey claims she has run out of money, and needs financial assistance in paying for her defense. • Hey, just in case you need still more Rielle Hunter, how about you scrap the bottom of the relevancy barrel and hear what her former landlord thought of her. • Oh, and John Edwards may have been dicking around, literally, before Rielle. Shocking. • Gloria Steinem laments gender equality, noting that after 40 years, we’re still not there. • A new account of the life of Anne Frank claims that she distracted young children by telling them fairy tales and stories while in the concentration camp. While it can’t be proven or denied, it’s a comforting thought.

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