Resellers Hope Idiots Will Pay $800 For Lululemon Shorts


Lululemon isn’t just for yoga anymore. The athleisure (this is a word?) brand’s clothing is quickly becoming less exercise wear and more a sign of a healthy and inspirational lifestyle —and with pieces being discontinued as quickly as they’re coming on to the market, the brand’s offerings are a reseller’s dream. Now you can buy a pair of shorts for $800!

The Cut reports that a great deal of shay backdoor reselling is being done on the internet, with Lululemon’s signature items being sold through Facebook and on eBay. While the brand doesn’t have a rule against buying in high volume and then reselling at staggering prices, it frowns upon the practice. At one point, resellers were even banned, but the brand has done away with the policy. And with resellers back in the game, Lululemon has skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

From Racked:

On Tradesy, a popular consignment site, the brand comes in third after Chanel and Louis Vuitton in terms of desirability. Said its CEO Tracy DiNunzio, “We’ll sometimes see similar interest with middle-market brands, but this type of demand is unheard of for athleisure.”

Some people are referring to their Lululemon collection as “wearable art,” which isn’t exactly inappropriate but fairly high praise for yoga pants and track suits. (And shorts.) (Can’t forget the $800 shorts.)

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