Rihanna Is a Pretty Pretty Princess In Her New Perfume Ad


Amid the back and forth between Nicki Minaj and untouchable music deity Taylor Swift, Rihanna snuck in and announced her new fragrance with this perfume ad for RiRi by Rihanna.

Nothing to see here. Just Rihanna’s gloved hands wearing pearl bracelets, emerging from a puff of cotton candy-colored satin fabric as a bottle of RiRi perfume floats nearby.

What is Rihanna’s expression conveying? Sexiness? Blank innocence? Sophistication? The answer is: Desperation.

Page Six reports that a little before midnight, Rihanna was so hungry and desperate for some fro-yo that she stood at the door of the Hamptons’ spot Buddhaberry begging them to reopen for her.

Yogurt will do that to you. A source says:

“She was pleading to come in. She was caressing the front door with her body.”
Despite RiRi’s seductive moves, employees didn’t open for her, because “the machines were off and toppings were away.”

There you have it. RiRi is a fragrance for the person who’d do anything for a tub of yummy yogurt in the middle of the night.

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