Rihanna Sues Topshop for Selling Bootleg Rihanna T-Shirts

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Rihanna has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Topshop for using images of her on T-shirts without her consent. Apparently Team Ri-Ri tried to negotiate with Topshop for the last eight months — and spent at least $1 million on litigation — but they offered her a measly $5,000 and told her to do her damndest, says a source: “What is most offensive for Rihanna is that they basically told her, ‘Go to hell. We don’t care; we are going to continue selling you.”

The loophole that owner Sir Philip Green and co. use to get away with this is that “[they] buy the pictures from a photographer, but they do not pay the artist licensing fees. Unfortunately, U.K. law does not protect the artist.” [Page Six, Bossip]

Incongruously, Emma Watson’s Hollywood crush is Kevin Costner (“I met him in an elevator the other day. I couldn’t even speak.)

We learn this and other factoids (like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathons she watched to portray Alexis Neiers) in a new W Magazine interview with Watson to promote The Bling Ring.

I’ve never wanted to grow up too fast: I wanted to wear a sports bra until I was 22! The allure of being sexy never really held any excitement for me. I’ve never been in a terrible rush to be seen as a woman.

Also, these two final lines win:

[Interviewer] Kevin Costner is so American.
Watson: Of course! Kevin Costner is forever. And America too! [W Magazine]

Lindsay Lohan is gaining weight at the Betty Ford Clinic — God forbid — because she’s not living on speed, tequila shooters and Pez every day anymore. “[Lohan has been] extremely emotional this past week and is finding comfort in food. Lindsay can’t stop eating, and has gained five pounds because she has such poor eating habits. She has been exercising, but she just doesn’t have a lot of energy because she is no longer taking Adderall, which is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine. She has been talking to a nutritionist at Betty Ford about eating healthier.”

She gained FIVE POUNDS? Better get back on the smack. [Radar Online]

Kanye West premiered a serenade to Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala and sang it again at the Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday. He sang directly to a :D-ing Kim:

“Stop everything you’re doing now/ Because baby, you’re awesome / Don’t let nobody get you down/ Because you’re awesome/ You don’t need to listen to your manager/ You must be tired of running through my mind/ Can I come inside? … I’m also awesome …/ I’d rather do nothing with you/ than something with somebody new/ Because baby you’re awesome.”

This has been an inside look at the most reclusive celebrity couple of our time. [Us Weekly]

Also: Kim plans to take the Kimyeby on tour with ‘Ye. [TMZ]

  • Avril Lavigne “doesn’t believe” in chasing men so she let her fiancee Chad Kroeger chase her. Down the street. Screaming “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON JOEY’S HEAD?” [Daily Mail]
  • Candice Glover won American Idol. [People]
  • Former Days of Our Lives actor Dylan Michael Patton was charged with dealing coke. [People]
  • Here is the derpy cover of Corey Feldman’s memoir Coreyography (srsly) that you all haven’t been waiting for. [People]
  • After calling the Met Gala “unfun,” Gwyneth Braise Your Soy-Brushed Salmon 40 Minutes In The Shroud of Turin Paltrow take-backies her diss in GOOP. [Us Weekly]
  • Lady Gaga stole a pair of boots from the underage ravers in Union Square. [Us Weekly]
  • We are monitoring Reese Witherspoon’s alcohol intake now. [Page Six]
  • Shia LaBeouf directed a music video. (Highlights of its contents and/or a Shel Silverstein poem you never read: “Tears and chandeliers, an arm chopped off with an ax, sex on a staircase and birth in a bathtub.”) [Page Six]
  • Will.i.am on beginning to work on the new Britney Spears album: “Before we even start we’ve had these juicy sessions, where we’ve been bonding, building the trust and comfort. I’ve never worked like this before – not even the Peas.” Weird, I was sure that lines like “let’s get it started in here, whoo hoo, ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya” came after at LEAST a few trust fall sessions. [Billboard]
  • Speaking of which, Britney wants you to be her ooh la la in her song for Smurfs 2. Don’t hurt yourself. [ET Online]
  • Fuck Internet baby-weight trolls, says Bryce Dallas Howard. [Radar Online]
  • Amanda Bynes’s mental health is improving, say sources close to her. [Radar Online]
  • This fab00 portrait of Bea Arthur naked sold for almost $2 million at auction. [NYDN]
  • Brad Pitt’s back at Paramount after Angelina Jolie’s tough few months. [NYDN]
  • Miley Cyrus’ brothers wouldn’t go to the Maxim Top 100 party because it was too weird that their sister was the #1 sexiest woman. [NYDN]
  • All 115 pounds of Zoe Saldana might be dating an artist named Marco Peregro. [People]
  • Michael Jackson’s nephew Taj said that he was molested as a child by a family member on his mom’s side and MJ was a support system for him afterwards, even leaving a note with an article about molestation for his mother to read. [TMZ]

Lede images via When I’m Older, Splash

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