Ritchie & Rachel Are Frenemies Once More; Marc Jacobs Breaks Hearts


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  • Rachel Zoe and Nicole Ritchie hugged while cameras for Zoe’s reality show rolled. Presumably they made up based on their shared love of airtime and handbags the size and price of compact cars. [WWD]
  • Stella McCartney designed some t-shirts for a British charity and got besties Gwyneth Paltrow, Claudia Schiffer, and Keira Knightley to wear them for the ad campaign. [Telegraph]
  • Aw, Twiggy goes shopping with her daughter, Carly. “If I come out of a changing room and she says, ‘Muummm!’ to what I’m wearing then I won’t buy it.” How cute. [Daily Express]
  • When in Rome, you should absolutely go check out an exhibit featuring newly unearthed Richard Avedon fashion photographs. [WSJ]
  • Is LVMH going to acquire Coach? Some speculators think so. [WWD]
  • So, what is this ‘vintage’ thing? Is it like shopping at a department store? Anna Sui guides Good Morning America around the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. “If you find yourself drawn to Victorian clothes, there may be a touch of the Goth in you,” warns the host, helpfully. Then she learns what Bakelite is and tries on a $4,000 sable fur. Sui looks on approvingly. [HuffPo]
  • UK megaretailer ASDA is going to offer women’s jeans in half sizes. Since most women say they are between sizes. Brilliant! [Telegraph]
  • Threeasfour give the dreamiest interview answers. Who are your best friends? Ange: “My humor and melancholia.” Adi: “Which one? They are all individual. One-of-a-kind.” Gabi: “I can trust she is telling me the truth.” Ange also makes seaweed omelets for her pit bull, Luna. [The Fashion Informer]
  • Rizzoli’s coming out with a Kanye West book. You can see Kanye tour the world, perform, go to fashion parties, and even shop in Asian malls. It will be published in October with a flash drive of unreleased music, and costs $50. [The Cut]
  • Models.com has started posting agency show packages for the Fall Winter 09 shows in New York. See if you can spot my game face among the hopefuls and the old hands. (Warning: Needle, meet haystack.) [Models.com]
  • Marc Jacobs has slashed the number of invitees to his fashion show at the Armory. In fact, the show is only going forward at their usual venue because they don’t want to pay the cancellation fee. And, of course, there will be no after-party, either. Instead of seating 1,100 people and letting another 900 stand, this season only 500-700 people will be seated, and the 200 standing room tickets will go mainly to employees. Hopefully they will also do the simplest guest-list cost-trim of all: not coughing up thousands in appearance fees to the usual round of celebs. [WWD]
  • Ugly Betty‘s production moved to New York for tax breaks, and has regained the styling talent of Patricia Field. At a panel discussion of the show’s aesthetic, Field accepted an audience member’s donation of a patterned, sparkly top that looked like classic Betty wear, and which she said might well turn up on the show. [NY Times]
  • Remember when Chloë Sevigny called the guy she buys socks from “like, the grumpiest man on earth” in the New York Times? He doesn’t deny it — which is probably wise, considering he admits stealing his employees’ lunches, putting trash in unpleasant customers’ bags, and barking at people who take their time browsing — but he does say, “Dealing with retail isn’t the easiest thing, and maybe she came in when I was grumpy. Maybe she was upset that I didn’t know who she was.” Burn. [NYDN]
  • Oh no. Toby Keith is launching a fashion line. It’s called “TK Steelman” and will feature sleeveless shirts and oil-field insignias. Because it is for “average dudes.” [People]
  • It’s kind of strange to read this review of the store Hollister as though it were a foreign object that fell to earth. “The shop entrance felt somewhat like a fairground ghost train…” [Telegraph]
  • Whether or not consumers will go back to paying full prices for apparel after seeing deep discounts over the winter period remains an open question. (All I want to know is how long it will take for brands to realize that rather than permanently lowering the prices of their wares, the smarter move is to permanently raise them and then, hey presto, offer a “discount.”) For now, Banana Republic is giving its credit card holders an extra 10% off sale and full-priced items through May 1 — meaning none of their stock is necessarily full price. [Shop Talk]
  • Sometimes it’s depressing just how derivative commercial photography can be. [A Photo Editor]
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