Romeo Rose Is Throwing a Racist, Pro-Rape Tantrum on Twitter Right Now


Ugh, I’m so conflicted about whether or not to pay attention to Romeo Rose. Like, dude’s obviously got major probs and it’s tough to justify piling on the the bewildered, but then he’ll drop a 20-minute tirade about how interracial dating is literally bestial gorilla-sex and I couldn’t give a fuck about his feelings if fucks were water and I was dying of fuck-thirst. Get some emotional help, bro. Women are not the cause of your loneliness and anger. And in the meantime, maybe try unloading your horrible thoughts someplace a little more private.

Today, Romeo Rose has actually managed to BECOME WORSE. He started the afternoon off with an existential Twitter rant about the nature of being, transitioned almost instantly into a justification for raping drunk sluts, and has now devolved into a sort of free-association about how much he wants all gay people and sex workers to die of AIDS and all trans people to be executed in gas chambers, peppered with cheerful plugs for his wedding photography business. It’s some of the most shamelessly odious shit I’ve ever seen coming out of a human brain. I don’t usually believe in Twitter hacks, but I really really really hope this is one. On the upside, he’s free for dinner tonight! As long as you’re buying. Laaaaaadies? Enjoy?

(Note: Can we turn “oh get over yourself Melanie” into some sort of douchebag meme? No one cares about your OPINIONS, MELANIE. GAHD.)

UPDATE: His Twitter account appears to have been suspended.

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