Rooney Mara to Play Native American Tiger Lily in Peter Pan Adaptation

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Warner Bros. has just announced that famed beautiful moody white person Rooney Mara will be playing Tiger Lily, a Native American princess, in an upcoming adaptation of Peter Pan. Great to see Hollywood so thoughtfully responding to criticism that it woefully under- and misrepresents indigenous people!

Likely anticipating backlash, the studio has come up with this… interesting… excuse:

The world being created is multi-racial/international – and a very different character than previously imagined.
The studio took on an exhaustive search in finding the right girl to play Lily looking at other actresses such as Lupita Nyonog’o and “Blue is the Warmest Color” thesp Adele Exarchopoulos before going out to Mara for the role.

The movie will also star Garrett Hedlund (white person) and Hugh Jackman (white person). So, yeah, it kind of goes without saying, but a bunch of white people does not a “multi-racial/international” fictional world make. And rewriting a character as white in order to squash complaints that you didn’t hire a Native American actor is pretty shitty. [Variety]

TMZ has an extremely blurry video of Rihanna and Drake walking around Manchester and holding hands, which they helpfully point out is “circumstantial banging proof.” I think that’s a term they teach you in law school. [TMZ]

Theo James, soon to be of massive Divergent fame, very eloquently described the mental process of preparing himself to be swarmed by rabid fans constantly in the near future: “Oh fuck.” [GQ]

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