Ruby Tuesday Server Goes on Rant After Getting Stiffed by Soldier

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Anyone who has ever worked as a server has had some strong feelings about terrible customers after being stiffed, but the example of Matt Heflin is exactly how one shouldn’t handle the situation.

Via Clint Rainey at GrubStreet, Heflin, a now-former Ruby Tuesday server in Oahu, Hawaii, was effectively stiffed by a soldier, who left him a quarter as a tip on a $60 tab. Apparently, this is something that has happened to Heflin a lot, as his former employer is located very close to both an army and an air force base. It would be fair to say that Heflin did not handle it well after this specific instance, posting a rant that, well…aside from Heflin’s bizarre compulsion to capitalize the first letter of the word “fuck” every time he uses it, the entire post was more than a little unhinged.

The full text of what Heflin posted:

Next time some military piece of shit leaves me a quarter on a $60 tab I’m going to jail! Fuck all those dumb uneducated motherfuckers. And Fuck you uncle sam. Circle A. FUCK THE MILITARY. I can defend myself. Don’t need your dumb ass fight some bullshit made up war. You’ve been duped. Think for yourself. Idiots. Oh yeah go Fuck yourself. Did I hurt your feelings. Well then go Fuck yourself!

The post was quickly shared to a Facebook page called U.S Army W.T.F! Moments, and shortly thereafter, Heflin lost his job. The lesson, as always: never tweet/facebook/instagram/share ANYTHING on social media.

Image via Ruby Tuesday Hawaii/Facebook.

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