Russell Crowe Learns What Clickhole Is. Congratulations, Russell Crowe!


ClickHole is a site owned by The Onion that satirizes online media’s never-ending quest for creating viral content. Though it began as a site that specifically parodied BuzzFeed-style listicles and content, it’s grown to satirize internet publications in general. Most recently, it’s begun posting brilliant faux oral histories for cultural icons like Mad Men, but it’s best, most reliably hilarious feature, is They Said What?! – a daily collection of fake quotes from real celebrities.

In the months I’ve been reading the wildly over-the-top feature, I’ve never noticed a celebrity take offense on Twitter. After all, why would they? No one believes Eva Longoria actually said, “Stare at the moon till it’s overtaken by the sun, then stare at the sun till the moon returns.” Right? Well, maybe one person does. And that person is Russell Crowe.

This was posted in today’s TSW:

Did anyone actually believe Russell Crowe spoke about an Australian “thing called Highway Fights”? Maximus himself must have thought so, because he tweeted this at Clickhole.

Crowe quickly deleted the tweet, presumably after an assistant explained comedy to him.

I’ll now leave you with my favorite fake quote of the month.

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