Russian Dairy Workers Take a Break in the Milk


Russian dairy workers have given new meaning to the term “milk bath.” A foolish, and probably drunk, nearly nude foursome decided to soak in a large vat of milk at their Trade House Cheese plant over New Year’s and they would’ve gotten away with it too … if it wasn’t for Artyom Romanov. Romanov, one of the workers, posted images and video of their lactose shenanigans on the Russian social network Vkontakte, where followers saw and complained like, ‘I don’t want your pubes in my milk!’ (I’m guessing their exact words).

After the footage leaked, a clip appeared on the federal television network NTV and scores of Russians began to boycott Trade House Cheeses because obviously they nor their workers can be trusted with food stuffs. Later, when the sanitary inspection agency dropped by to give Trade House the once over, they found the milk bath vat and a number of other problematic and unsanitary violations.

And while the milk bath sounds crazy, the LA Times writes that Russia is struggling to whip their food production industry into shape regarding cleanliness.

“For five years Russia has been languishing in a so-called experiment of practically exercising no control over consumer production after a law was introduced limiting inspections of such facilities to only once every three years,” said Yanin, the board chairman of the Russian Confederation of Consumer Societies, a Moscow-based group. …
“But for the video appearing on a social net and but for over 70 people poisoned from eating some horrible stuff, we would have never known about the risks of using these facilities’ products,” Yanin said. “The entire sphere of food production is now completely out of the state’s control, which means that none of us are safe when we buy food in Russia these days.”


Image via Vkontakte.

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