Sam Bee's Take On Pussygate Was Worth the Wait


It seemed like the recording of Donald Trump trying desperately to impress Billy Bush by bragging about how no one has yet prosecuted him for sexual assault blew up on Friday and was over by Sunday. Every joke about pussies and locker room talk was made in 72 hours, and the debate rushed past the issue to ISIS before you could ask for a Tic Tac. But Full Frontal with Samantha Bee aired Monday night, reminding us all to not let our rage die before November 8.

Sam Bee announces, “Oh yeah, I’m going in on this like a bitch,” and proceeds to explain how “take a Tic Tac and grab her by the pussy is the closest thing to a plan Donald Trump has described this entire election.” She also mentions how the grossest thing about the tape is how they treat actress Arianne Zucker, after getting themselves so hyped up on pussy-grabbing talk, knowingly mocking her and demanding hugs.

At times, Bee’s jokes are just too real to invoke laughs, like when she says every woman has experienced a man treating her like a “human bowling ball” and makes a hook finger motion. But that fans the flames muffled by incessant coverage back to life. Eventually, she connects Trump’s unbelievable apology tour back to his advisor—Roger Ailes, another unashamed pervert, who sexually assaulted women until he was out of the job, but still deep in the money.

She finishes off with all the words for pussy you can’t say on TV, but it’s not the lewd talk that’ll leave you pissed.

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