Sarah Jessica Parker Insists She Drives A Minivan, No Really, She Swears!


“Respect the van,” our
Carrie Bradshaw admitted to Katie Couric on Nightline last night. “I sing along all day long while I’m driving my minivan, dropping kids off,” she said.

SJP went on for awhile about the van: how she’s proud of the fact she has a minivan, how hers is leased and not fully paid for (stars are just like us!), and how her mother really, really loves Hondas and really, really wanted her to buy one for her kids.

Okay. But let’s talk logistics here for a moment: Sarah Jessica Parker lives in New York City’s West Village. For those who don’t know the area, it’s arguably one of the nicest and wealthiest neighborhoods in the five boroughs. It’s highly regulated area ruled by zoning laws and picky neighbors — neighbors who wouldn’t want an oversized kid-mobile depreciating their property value. And the streets are cozy and really narrow. Gwyneth’s ginormous SUV can barely squeeze in there, but at least it’s a SUV and not an unfashionable minivan. Perhaps she has a driver who navigates said minivan, and who makes sure it’s comfortably parked in a large garage elsewhere? And if this were the case, would she be insisting that she’s driving the thing? It’s like this entire talking point was designed to make us say that we don’t know how she does it. In which case, well-played, marketing team. Well-played.

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