Sarah Who?????


President Trump was apparently untroubled by reports that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be leaving the White House, according to an interview he gave Fox News on Friday morning.

Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy noted that Sanders “took a lot of heat” during a chaotic press briefing the day before. “She did?” asked Trump. “I didn’t know that.”

Sanders sparred with CNN’s Jim Acosta and CNN political analyst Brian Karem over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ use of biblical scripture to justify separating migrants children from their parents.

Doocy then noted the rumors that Sanders is planning to leave the White House.

“Look, at a certain point everyone sort of leaves! You have to leave,” said Trump. “I’m sort of just stayin’ up like a ship!”

“Sarah loves this job,” Trump continued, calling the rumors fake news. “But at some point I’m sure she’ll leave like everybody leaves, and we’ll get someone else.”

Everybody leaves! Damn. True?

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