Saturday Night Social: Happy Barack Obama Day to Everyone, Trolls and All 


Perhaps you’ve noticed all over the internet today that it’s Barack Obama’s birthday, which, in the state of Illinois, is officially “Barack Obama Day” [excuse me while I sob], a day to reaffirm human capacity for empathy and the viability of healthy long-term relationships (just guessing). This prophetic 2006 Oprah interview clip about keeping hope alive when America falls into “dark times” kinda best captures the mood. Now here’s a nice pre-2016 election “best of” reel with light jazz, to drink to and forget!

Dearest to my own heart is this yellowed Barack Obama photo which hangs in my local laundromat reminding me not to open the washer mid-cycle, which I hope will hang high for generations to come.

Thanks for the memories.

But no seriously, come back, we need you.

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