Saturday Night Social: Has Anyone Ever Had Sex in the MCU?

I just watched Wandavision for the first time, and I have so many questions (mostly one, about fucking).

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Saturday Night Social: Has Anyone Ever Had Sex in the MCU?
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So I just finished Wandavision—one of the peak examples of what the writer Sarah Hagi was talking about when she tweeted this god-tier tweet about people defending mediocre-to-bad TV shows because they’re “actually about trauma” in my opinion—and I have to ask: Where was the sex? For a show that made a point of parodying postwar sitcoms’ aversion to explicit depictions of anything remotely sexual (e.g., having Wanda and Vision sleep in separate twin beds à la The Dick Van Dyke Show’s Rob and Laura), Wandavision was pretty sexless!

That got me wondering: Does anybody have sex in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I’m genuinely asking! I know I might sound like an asshole, but that’s only because I’m kind of an asshole, I swear. I’ve only seen like half-a-dozen of the movies max (two Thors, a Spider-Man, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, and I think an Iron Man approx. one million years ago) so I would really appreciate it if any of you MCUheads reading this could fill me in. Does anyone bone in the MCU? Or even explicitly allude to boning? I medically must know post-haste.

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