Saweetie's Casual Shopping Catsuit Is Aspirational

Saweetie's Casual Shopping Catsuit Is Aspirational
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Saweetie went shopping in an incredible outfit. I mean, what else is there to say?

The rising rapper and star of my favorite music video of the year—“That’s my best friend! She’s a real bad bitch!”—was photographed out in Beverly Hills Wednesday. Her destinations? Lingerie stores Agent Provocateur and La Perla, where a bra can cost as much as the rent. So, it’s by necessity that she dressed up for the occasion.

She posted the glamour shot of her outfit over on Instagram, where she was posed up on her sportscar in a LAPP brand bodysuit, in the sort of stretch fabric that makes one look like they are adorned in a full body yoga pant. Her booties were Prada. her hair was a shocking red, and her necklace looked expensive.

Now let’s see it in action.

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This is a perfect outfit for many reasons, but mostly, this is clearly what Saweetie wants to look like in public, and for that, now I want to look like this in public too. Catch me out of the house this week in a matching unitard, except my own booties will be Vivienne Westwood instead. Maybe I will pair it with an oversized Acne coat, for dramatic effect, but also because it sort of “rained” a little bit, and is therefore cold in Los Angeles.

Now I’m talking about myself too much. Here’s the outfit from the back, then:

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In the before times, I would often think to myself, “You know? I’m just going to the store. Let me be discreet in some jeans.” Well no more! Saweetie has convinced me. I need a unitard and it needs to have an ass pocket for my phone and it also has to be trimmed just right, so it really hugs the booty. My shoes, meanwhile, have to CLICK. Not stomp, not clomp, not shuffle, but CLICK.

I need to hear the clickety-clack on the pavement or I won’t be caught dead outside. It’s really that simple!

But like most good outfits, it eventually had to pack itself up back inside the sportscar and drive off into the sunset, only to be discarded at the foot of the bed, and replaced with a nice comfy t-shirt and some slippers.

Everyone wave goodbye to Saweetie!

Image:BACKGRID (Backgrid)

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