Saweetie's Pizzazz Could Be Used Better Than On 'Fast (Motion)'


Nah, but there are some charming elements: Saweetie, “Fast (Motion)” – I love Saweetie, and she knows how to make a summer banger. In Summer 2019 she released the alarmingly catchy track “My Type” and in Summer 2020 it was impossible to get away from “Tap In.” So I had high hopes when I found out that Saweetie was out with a new song, just as the weather really starts warming up. But “Fast (Motion)” is not the song of the summer. The song doesn’t have that playful Saweetie pizzazz, and even the inclusion of her famed moniker “I know that’s right!”—shoved into one of the verses—left me cold. The vocals sound like Kelis with a Khia beat and the overall production seems like it was made for a 30-second spot in a deodorant commercial above all else. The video gives off the same energy: Saweetie playing football, running track, dribbling a basketball… seriously, is this a Tampax commercial, a Gatorade commercial, or advertising for the Olympics this summer? The video includes product placements featuring Black-owned businesses, which is fantastic. I just wish they were featured in a better music video with a better Saweetie song.

But summer’s not here yet. There’s still time! –Ashley Reese

Y: DJ Manny, “Signals in My Head” – This title track from Brooklyn-via-Chicago footwork producer DJ Manny’s upcoming album bangs at a swift clip, of course, but there’s something soothing about it. Its breaks provide a neural massage and its yowling melody approaches poignancy. Manny calls Signals an “R&B love type of album,” and so here’s an opening embrace. —Rich Juzwiak

Nah: “All I Know So Far”, p!nk: If there is a song by this woman with an accompanying music video, all I know is that I need her to be doing the silks. It doesn’t look like she’s doing the silks. Is this song ok? Yeah, it’s fine. It’s a song for CVS and for maybe Starbucks, but I don’t know if it’s a song for moi. Ten points to the music video for its production, though, which is pretty high for a music video in an age where I don’t know if people watch music videos like that? —Megan Reynolds

Y: Green-House, “Top Soil”- A groovy little ambient track from LA artist Olive Ardizoni, who performs as Green-House. I highly recommend for fans of Mort Garson’s album for plants, Mother Earth’s Plantasia! – Hazel Cills

Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, fuck, fuck, yes, yes absolutely yes: Georgia Twinn, “Moth” – I would like Georgia Twinn to keep yelling at me if this song is any indication of the sort of yelling Georgia Twinn is capable of. While her early pop career has had a few notable misses, like proper debut single “Raccoon,” I was a big fan of Twinn’s Tame Impala cover last fall.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. This song is good and I highly recommend everyone go listen to it if percussion and yelling are the sorts of thing one is into. I’d also suggest that she hang out in this sonic vein for a while. It’s much better than the whisper-y, Billie Eilish fare she self-uploaded to Youtube last year. –Joan Summers

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