Scapegoating While Wall Street Burns Is Better Than Fiddling

  • Everyone’s still wondering who is to blame for nobody knowing everyone at AIG was about to get big fat bonus retention payments this week. Today’s culprit? The Fed, which Geithner once ran. [Washington Post]
  • Current AIG CEO Ed Liddy thinks it’s mean that Senator Chuck Grassley wants him to off himself. [Politico]
  • Oh, hey, more retention payments during the biggest recession in decades and increasing unemployment! This time, they’re going to Fannie Mae, which had to be taken over by the government too. [Washington Post]
  • Republicans don’t want to pass legislation to tax AIG‘s bonuses because they’re Republicans, only they do because Americans like the idea, only they don’t because they want to have more time to embarrass the Democrats. Stalling: your tax dollars at work. [Politico]
  • The Governor of Illinois, however, has no problem increasing taxes to pay for things. Remember, Rod Blagojevich was taking bribes to stop these kinds of shenanigans! [NY Times]
  • New York Governor David Paterson, however, isn’t so keen to raise taxes on rich people, fearing they would all flee New York City. Where are they gonna go, Des Moines? Not bloody likely. [NY Times, NY Times]
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates will put an end to stop-loss by 2011, just in time for the 2012 Presidential campaign. [NY Times]
  • Attorney General Eric Holder is going to stop raids on medical marijuana providers, so get your prescription ready. [NY Times]
  • California Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher confirmed that she’s giving up her House seat for a hot seat at State with Hillary. [Washington Independent]
  • One of the assholes responsible for creating the clusterfuck that is the TSA really doesn’t like being subjected to its clusterfuckery. [Washington Post]
  • And Colin Powell‘s former chief of staff thinks Cheney is Satan incarnate, too. Actually, not Satan, just a puppet of Osama bin Laden. [ThinkProgress]
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