Science Has Discovered A Lot About Your Moods By Reading Your Tweets


A study in the journal Science examined more than 500 million tweets in 84 countries over two years in order to study the mood patterns of these 140-character-writers and what they found out may or may not surprise you.

Optimism is reborn with each new day and slowly erodes as we work, study and go about our quotidian affairs. Our mood lifts as we head home to friends, family, entertainment and beer. Our outlook tends to be sunnier on weekends. And speaking of sun, when it starts to pile up in the spring or disappear in the fall, that affects our mood, too.

So in the morning we’re excited about the day! And then we’re tired. And then we meet our crew at the bar for beers and we’re excited again! And then the weekend comes and we’re super crazy excited! And then there’s less sunshine and we’re sad again. And then we get laid and we tweet about puppies and Regina Spektor lyrics about the power of love!

Okay, so I added the last one but it seemed like it would fit right in.

Do you feel like these findings are evident in your Tweets or even simply in the course of your day?

Twitter tweets our emotional states [WashingtonPost]

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