Scientists Confirm That Doing Mushrooms Makes You More Awesome


Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School have confirmed what believers have been saying for years: Shrooms open your mind, man. After giving patients the hallucinogen psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” doctors found they had an enduring and positive personality change. Study author Roland R. Griffiths said:

“Remarkably, this study shows that psilocybin actually changes one domain of personality that is strongly related to traits such as imagination, feeling, abstract ideas and aesthetics, and is considered a core construct underlying creativity in general … And the changes we see appear to be long-term.”

Of course, despite finding that hallucinogens can change your life for the better, researchers have issued a stern reminder that drugs are bad and should never be ingested at your friend’s house while her parents are out of town.

Image via Burhan Bunardi Xie/Shutterstock.

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