Sean Penn In Rumored Oscar Brawl; Miley & Liam Are "Deeper Than Normal People"

  • There’s a rumor that Sean Penn was thrown out of the Governor’s Ball last night for punching Greg Shapiro, a Hurt Locker producer reportedly dating Robin Wright. Though there are numerous sources, gossips can’t seem to get their stories straight:
  • One claims, “Academy officials…said he was banned from the Ball.” However, a rep for the Academy says, “Sean Penn chose not to attend the Governors Ball.” [E!]
  • TMZ’s sources agree that Sean Penn couldn’t have been kicked out of the Governors Ball because he was never there in the first place. Penn and Greg Shapiro did run into each other backstage at the Oscars, but no one saw this alleged fight. An “insider” says, “I didn’t see it happen … something could’ve happened, but if it did, it was minor and only lasted a second.” [TMZ]
  • A source says at Elton John‘s Oscars party, “Madonna walked in with her manager Guy Oseary and her entourage and ordered a Belvedere vodka. It was left to one rather nervous waiter to tell her only Grey Goose was available and when he did all hell broke loose. Madonna was dropping F-bombs like they were going out of fashion. Fortunately Guy was able to calm her down. But she sulked about the vodka and ordered a non-alcoholic virgin mojito instead. She was clearly up for a drink, but wasn’t prepared to compromise on her vodka choice.” [The Mirror]
  • Ryan O’Neal said of Farrah Fawcett being left out of the Oscars’ “In Memorium” segment, “It was a terrible decision and very hurtful.. Farrah was a member of the Academy for over 40 years and we could not believe she did not get a mention.” [Radar]
  • Craig Nevius, who worked with Farrah Fawcett on the documentary Farrah’s Story said, “Farrah’s shocking omission from the ‘In Memoriam’ montage on the Oscars isn’t a reflection of Farrah. It’s a reflection of the producers and of the Academy itself. After all, this is a broadcast – as opposed to a ‘production’ – that has become all about shuffling winners on and off stage and cutting off acceptance speeches in order to make more air time for jokes without punchlines and scripted spontaneity the likes of which we haven’t seen since vaudeville. They should be ashamed of themselves and owe a public apology in the name of Farrah Fawcett.” [Radar]
  • A spokeswoman for the Academy refused to apologize for Farrah Fawcett‘s omission. “I would not say that it was an oversight,” she said. “No matter how carefully and how conscientiously people address who is included, there are people who just simply can’t be. In any given year there will always be some people that other people think should have been included and that there’s more justification for one person versus another. It is impossible to include everybody.” [E!]
  • What was up with George Clooney‘s glum expression at the Oscars? According to his rep, he “was fine, just under the weather … happens.” [MSNBC]
  • Here are some other clues: George Clooney skipped all the parties and was spotted drinking from a flask at the ceremony. [Showbiz 411]
  • Sandra Bullock‘s Blind Side co-star Quinton Aaron was only given one ticket to the Oscars and no ticket to the Governor Ball. When asked why he was milling around outside the theater after the show he said, “I did get two tickets to the Vanity Fair party, so I’m waiting for my date to come pick me up.” [Showbiz 411]
  • In the video at the link, Sandra Bullock says she’ll keep her Oscar and her Razzie near each other “on a shelf somewhere… the Razzie maybe on a different shelf, lower.” [People]
  • After leaving the Kodak Theater, Meryl Streep said, “That bitch!” referring to Sandra Bullock, then laughed and said, “I love her!” [Showbiz 411]
  • Jesse James says that, after going missing for several weeks, his dog CinnaBun is “Good. She’s spoiled again … She’s back to normal.” [People]
  • Alec Baldwin will speak at NYU’s commencement this year. [NYU News]
  • In a Huffington Post editorial about hosting the Academy Awards, Alec Baldwin says, “I had a wonderful time at the Oscars this year, because the reality of just how many remarkably talented people work in the movie business was never more vivid to me than last night. We all have our preferences (I had to be careful to keep mine to myself in advance of the show). We all think that someone should have been nominated that was overlooked. (500 Days of Summer, anyone?) That someone should have won who didn’t.” [HuffPo]
  • Macaulay Culkin says he was asked to appear in the John Hughes tribute at the Oscars, “About a month ago. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do until I got here. As long as the family loved it, that’s all that is important to me.” [Us]
  • Though Charlize Theron said of her Oscar gown, “I just loved this dress,” one E! critic said, “This one’s going down in the history books along with the swan dresses and pirate costumes.” [Us]
  • Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Academy Awards appearance as a female Na’vi was canceled, but James Cameron says he wouldn’t have been offended: “Well I heard about that. But, you know, it’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?” [Us]
  • Last night at an Oscars after-party, Jon Voight said his recent reunion with Angelina Jolie, “Was wonderful. It was a wonderful trip. It was wonderful to be with the family and each of the kids is very special in their own way. And Brad and Angie are wonderful parents, so I had a great time.” When asked if James Haven helped bring them together he said, “I don’t want to say anything about any of that…people reported it, and there was some pictures taken, and I was there. It was great.” [E!]
  • Kathy Ireland replied to each person who made fun of her awkward appearance on ABC’s pre-Oscar special on Twitter. Here are some responses: “No meds or alcohol Angel===just J.O.Y.!”, “Never use drugs and that as a Mom is not a cool or funny suggestion,” and “Don’t feel embarrassed for me. Had a blast and it was so much FUN!” [Us]
  • Mo’Nique attended the Academy Awards with her own bodyguard for unknown reasons. “It’s the safest place in the world,” said a publicist. When someone asked who designed her gown, the question was fielded to the bodyguard, who didn’t know. [Showbiz 411]
  • Brittany Murphy‘s husband Simon Monjack was invited to the Academy Awards because Brittany appeared in the “In Memoriam” segment, but he wasn’t invited to any of the after-parties. “They told me they were at capacity,” Simon said. “I just think it’s a shame since they’ve said that Brittany was their favorite interview and one of their favorite people.” [Radar]
  • Some reporter asked John Travolta about his son Jett’s death at the Governor’s Ball last night. “We are working hard on healing, still,” said Travolta. “It’s going to be a lifelong project. Everybody has been so enormously supportive and I really appreciate it.” [People]
  • Marie Osmond and her seven children attended her son Michael Bryan‘s funeral today at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chapel in Utah. [People]
  • About 450 people attended Michael Bryan‘s funeral. Marie Osmond and six of her siblings, including Donny Osmond, sang a hymn at the service. [AP]
  • A memorial was held for Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig on Saturday. One of Koenig’s friends says, “It was very beautiful and very healing. We are all hurt and sorry we have to go on without Andrew but it was good closure for everybody.” [Radar]
  • Natalie Wood‘s sister wants her case reopened because the captain of the yacht she was sailing on with husband Robert Wagner when she drowned says they were arguing before Natalie disappeared. “I just want the truth to come out, the real story,” said Wood’s sister. [CNN]
  • In an interview with Good Morning America that airs tomorrow, Michael Jackson‘s former bodyguard Bill Whitfield says while traveling with MJ, “We were asked to leave hotels because the credit card on file was denied. The bill wasn’t paid.” Whitfield added, “He got so frustrated he threw my cell phone out the window, through the window and broke the glass. And he looked at me and said, ‘Bill, you’re going to need a new phone.” [ABC News]
  • Jordan says her ex-husband Peter Andre should “be very scared” because she’s going to release at tell-all book about him. [The Sun]
  • Piers Morgan made a list of the “U.K. Celebs That Really Matter” and Simon Cowell is #1, Isn’t it ironic that the list itself doesn’t really matter? [UPI]
  • Placido Domingo underwent surgery last week to remove a cancerous polyp from his colon. He is expected to make a full recovery. [AP]
  • Fourth time’s the charm! Lil Wayne was finally sentenced today to one year in jail. The judge agreed to put him in protective custody while he serves his time, and allowed him to have medication in jail because of his dental problems. [TMZ]
  • Christian Bale‘s mother, Jenny, and his sister, Sharon, decided to open up to the Daily Mail today about Bale screaming at them in 2008 before the Batman premiere. “He just exploded with anger like I have never seen. He never gave us a chance to find out what it was all about before he frog-marched us out of his suite,” said Jenny. “He’s not talking to us, it’s not the other way round. He has changed his phone numbers, and he ignores the letters, emails and birthday cards I send.” [Daily Mail]
  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Mariah Carey is not pregnant, though she announced on Friday “I have a lot of new acting projects coming up… But there’s also something else very special on the way. I can’t say any more,” then refused to drink at a party for the Independent Spirit Awards. [Contact Music]
  • Emma Watson will perform in a student production of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters at Brown. [U.S. News]
  • Niecy Nash says she agreed to be on Dancing With the Stars because, “It just seemed like the right thing to do… I am dancing for redemption. I haven’t put on a leotard since I was put out of my eighth grade dance class. So I’m trying to prove to my old dance teacher that I can do it.” [People]
  • Sean Hayes says his commercial career led him to think he’d get famous playing straight, leading man roles. “There were like 50 commercials where I was the husband or the nerdy boy or whatever, and then I became famous for playing this gay guy,” he says. “It’s funny. But that’s how it goes. It’s not up to you. None of this is up to anybody. It’s what the suits decide for you.” [The Advocate]
  • Giuliana Rancic says she’s tired of people talking about her weight since she revealed that she’s having trouble getting pregnant. “I work in a really superficial industry,” she said. “I mean, I am getting Google Alerts saying, ‘You look good with the weight gain.’ They don’t realize they’re being mean by saying you look good fatter. It’s enough to drive any girl a little crazy. But it’s okay. What can I say? There’s nothing I can do about it.” [Us]
  • Emmanuelle Seigner says that due to husband Roman Polanski‘s house arrest, “I am no longer such a carefree person, I am no longer the same Emmanuelle.” She added that she’s convinced, “the matter will be solved.” [AP]
  • Miley Cyrus‘ boyfriend/Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth says, “Working with Miley was a alot easier than I thought it was going to be. From the first time we [met], It was like I had known her before.” Miley added, “I think we’re both deeper than normal people—what they think and how they feel. He’s very grateful for what he has, but he doesn’t let it go to his head. I’m like that too…He’s a really freaking good actor is what he is. And he’s cute—so he’s got that.” [Us]
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