See Barbie And Ken's Dream Wedding Album

“I’m laughing alone looking these photos, so I hope it’s the same for people looking at them,” says wedding photographer Béatrice de Guigne, “Or I think I’m totally crazy!” We don’t think these photos of Barbie and Ken having a stereotypical fantasy wedding are crazy per se, but we can think of some of our friends who strive to have similar wedding day pictures. The photos resulted from the combination of photography practice and poking a little bit of fun at same wedding album clichés she sees so often. Béatrice spoke to Rock N Roll Bride on how it all got started:

“Everything started last year when one day I wanted to make some boudoir shots I had in my mind, but nobody to pose for me except Barbie. So I photographed her and published the photos on my blog. Everybody laughed about it and found it was a nice idea. After that, everytime I wanted to test some ideas, I took Barbie as my model.
One day she said to me ‘Hey Béatrice, now that I have my boudoir, can you be my wedding photographer?’ LOL. So I started this crazy adventure! More seriously it was weeks and weeks of preparation, 3 days to shoot everything, a lot of sweat and finally a wedding day!”

For something that began as a lighthearted photo test, it’s the fairytale ending that Barbie and Ken so deserve.

[Béatrice de Guigne Photography via Glamour]

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