Sensual, Haunting Halloween Songs to Go With Your Sexy Costume


For those of us who scare easily, the best part of Halloween is the opportunity to get a little saucy with our costuming. For example, rocking a short skirt, men’s shirt, and a face full of fake blood for a suggestive “zombie Shaina Twain” ensemble. I’m right there with you—Halloween is, without question, the most arousing holiday.

Is it just me or does the crisp fall air and the freedom to dress up as someone or something else create a mischievous rush of endorphins? Anyway, it’s a titillating time, worthy of sexy spooky songs to partner with your sexy costume.

In honor of all those who find Halloween risqué, here’s a playlist of mostly goth music—including an industrial noise cover of the scariest song ever recorded, Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 single “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by New York noise artist Pharmakon—a few Brazilian post-punk tracks for good measure, and a ton of joyous, sinister K-Pop. Consider it a winning combination for your rager, your intimate party, or your late night/early morning trip to bone town.

Have a Happy Horny Halloween.

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