Serena Williams Wore a Hypebeast Tutu at the U.S. Open 


Who needs a compression catsuit when you have an entire friggin’ Virgil Abloh-designed tennis ensemble with the matching shoes? Who needs the French Open’s dumb rules? Not me! Not you! Not Serena Williams!!

On Monday, Williams handily defeated Magda Linette, beating her 6-4 6-0. Williams has not been seen at the Open since 2016—she missed it last year because of the birth of her daughter, Olympia—but she’s BACK and she’s READY to fuck some shit up, tennis-wise.

Her power and ability on the court is unmatched, and my understanding of tennis is very limited, but watching her play is thrilling. Also thrilling is this TENNIS OUTFIT, designed by Williams in collaboration with Virgil Abloh for Nike!!

It’s a one-sleeved black tennis dress with a tulle skirt that looks fine in white, but even better in black. According to the Nike website, Abloh designed the skirt part as a tutu because of Williams’s love of dance and ballet. Also, tennis looks that much more effortless when anchored by a tutu’s whimsy.

The skirt—not quite tulle, but perhaps some sort of athletic wicking mesh situation—looks more breathable than other tennis skirts? More functional? Something?? It’s a refreshing take on the tennis outfit in general, which strikes me as staid and boring in comparison; fuck your boring spandex mini skirts. Give me drama. Give me this skirt. Now. For everyday wear. I mean it.

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