Seriously, What Are All These Rando Magazines?


Clash. Hunger. Notion. Denim. Fault. Magazines are alive and well, print lovers. You’ve just never heard of many of them.

Where did all these rando magazines come from? Some are, in fact, real issues of obscure publications that manage to land big to medium name stars for their covers (turns out, Nick Jonas and Rita Ora will do just about anything). Others are relatively known international glossies you merely aren’t cool enough to know about.

That’s okay. Despite the publishing climate right now, there are literally millions of magazines in existence. Only the most obsessed mag junkie would recognize any of these, but today is the day you join them and learn something new. Here’s a guide to some of the biggest unknown magazines you’ve ever not known. Hope it helps.


Attitude is only the best-selling gay magazine in the U.K., and both David Beckham and Lady Gaga have graced its cover. Nick Jonas, too. The decades-old pub launched in 1994, which is a whole lot of years for you to not know about a thing.


You know exactly who that is and what this is, right? Clash is a music mag that’s been around for about 11 years and plenty of famous musicians, including the one above, have been featured.


According to Denim’s Facebook page, Denim is “a Fashion Forward Celebrity Driven Magazine.” There you have it. Denim. Sorry if you’re dying to read it. Sadly, it’s seemingly no longer in publication.


Fabulous is weekly and it’s FREE on Sundays in the U.K. and it’s presumably fabulous. Now you know and you can’t un-know.


Fault, a mag that’s all about the intersection of fashion, music and film, says it has an annual readership of roughly 400,000, and its circulation numbers are 47,015 in the U.K. and 30, 364 in the U.S. There’s nothing wrong with you not knowing this.


This smoldering cover image of Keke Palmer looks pretty sellable, but what is Fuzion “about”? It’s an online fashion and lifestyle magazine that’s “viewed as the ultimate playbook for the urban woman.” There only seem to be four issues in existence.


Galore—a magazine promoting “Beauty, Bombshells & Girl Power,” as you can tell from its latest cover star, Kylie Jenner—is fairly familiar to people who pay attention to newsstands. Fun fact: Jezebel writer Ellie Shechet’s roommate knows of both this magazine and its founders, Prince and Jacob.


Sort of like, hungering for more of this magazine. There’ve only been eight issues of Hunger since its 2011 launch, and they all feature super impressive high-gloss photography. There’s an easy explanation for this—it’s the product of photographer/publisher Rankin’s money and vision.


“An innovative source of empowerment where culture, taste and values are expressed. Monarch Magazine is designed to attracts readers who have not placed limitations on who they are and what they can be. Readers who have chosen to associate themselves with things that are not defined by age or income, but rather a mind-set that says achievement.”


What a good notion to call this magazine Notion. The Weeknd, Pharrell and Ariana Grande have all been on the cover of Notion, which looks like one of those thick cool kid mags a skateboard geek carries around. It’s owned and financed by the digital agency Attic London Limited, which you also don’t know.


All you need to know about the brilliantly named Tush is that Rihanna posed for them in this gorgeous shoot and that it’s German.


Bella Hadid looks angelic on this cover of Unconditional. According to their site, “There are a lot of magazines about fashion, but this one is different.” ::Nods knowingly::

Urban Lux

It’s urban. It’s lux. It’s Urban Lux.


Oh, look who it is again. From the people who bring you Rollacoaster.TV, it’s the U.K.-based Rollacoaster Magazine. Sadly, it’s not all about amusement park rides, but rather fashion, music and culture. Lil B follows them on Twitter, and he is all knowing.


Dujour magazine is “where luxury lives.” You can tell. Look at how fancy that “J” in the cover title looks.

For the Love of God, Please Save Nick Jonas

If you need a refresher on any other mags, just ask Nick Jonas.

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