Seth Cohen/Adam Brody Fields Questions About The O.C. on WWHL


Adam Brody was a guest on Watch What Happens Live last night and rather than talk on and on about Brody’s new movie Lovelace, host Andy Cohen riddled him with questions about The O.C., a show that’s been off the air since 2007. Understandable! If I’m ever lucky enough to meet Adam Brody — and he’s ever unlucky enough to meet me — I will refer to him only as Seth Cohen no matter how many times he asks that I stop,

Unfortunately, Andy’s questions for Seth were pretty tame and Seth’s answers were even tamer (though good on him for not taking the bait and talking shit on Mischa Barton). All in all, it was a wasted opportunity, or — at the very least — one we at Jezebel would have handled quite differently.

Here are our questions for Seth:

  • How often did Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle fuck on set? Did Ryan’s leather wrist cuff and one of Marissa’s boleros ever upset their onset romance in a Fleetwood Mac-type scenario?
  • Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows in person — this big? This big? This big?! (Keep moving hands apart until Seth Cohen nods.)
  • You really have a type, huh?
  • Remember when Luke and Julie hooked up? Whoa!
  • Most at-risk adolescents in Orange County will not be given the same opportunities as Ryan Atwood. How do The Harbor School’s high tuition rates and admission policies reenforce the damaging status quo in which the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer?

If this by any chance makes it into Adam/Seth’s hands, I apologize for the unflattering still. I only chose it because I imagine that’s what he looks like when singing the ooooooo of “California, here I cooooooome!

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