Seven Arrested After Wedding Ends in Bloody, Half-Naked Brawl

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Perhaps the internet spoke too soon when it decided that proposing at someone’s wedding was the worst thing that could happen on the big day. No, it turns out that there’s something much worse than taking away all the attention for yourself: a bloody brawl that ends with four police officers hospitalized and the groom jailed.

Death and Taxes reports that a Pennsylvania couple will have to wait quite a long time before they can go on a romantic island honeymoon, thanks to their their friends and relatives who just couldn’t keep from drinking and fighting (and movin’ to the groovin’) during their wedding. Perhaps the guests thought it was a Dothraki affair? Allegedly those weddings aren’t any good unless at least one person dies.

Here’s what happened:

Apparently, the fracas began when a woman confronted another guest over letting her 14-year-old son get tanked at the wedding. The chastised mom punched the concerned guest in the face, and then all hell broke loose, resulting in an all out brawl consisting of about a dozen guests.

And here are some interesting facts about the impressively extensive damage that was done:

  • 21 cops from 16 districts had to come and try to calm everyone down.
  • When they arrived, they found people “scattered on the grounds, some of them shirtless and bloodied.”
  • Four of the cops are now hospitalized because of injuries they sustained at the battle royale.
  • The groom challenged police officers to a fist fight, which they politely declined.
  • The bride was found on the ground by authorities when the melee subsided; she had to be treated for alcohol poisoning.
  • Also being treated for alcohol poisoning? The drunk 14-year-old who the concerned guest was worried about.
  • The father of the drunk 14-year-old came to the party with “three large folding knives” in his pants, because you always go to a wedding prepared.

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Image via Northern Berks Regional Police/New York Daily News

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