'Sex And The City' Slot Machine Offers Chance to Win 'Big'


For those of you who can’t bear to spend even one second not thinking about the show Sex and the City, which has been off the air for ages and yet continues to plague our national attention, allow me to present to you The Sex and the City Slot Machine. Now, instead of losing money while staring mindlessly at a machine filled with images of fruit or dollar symbols, you can lose money while staring mindlessly into Carrie Bradshaw’s eyes. Ladies, how much do you LOVE this?

Anyway, the New York Post reports that six of these machines have been installed at the new Resorts World Casino at the Aqueduct Racetrack in New York, and they work pretty much like any slot machine does, except what’s special is this:

Players hit a button that spins traditional slot-machine reels adorned with images of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, along with a limousine icon, the “Sex and the City” logo, and other items from the show. Hitting a row of bonus logos spins a separate electronic wheel, which features symbols for each of the show’s stars. Players can win the top award if the wheel lands on a suitcase—the symbol for Carrie’s boyfriend, Mr. Big—and they pick correctly from one of three suitcases displayed on screen.

A suitcase? That seems sort of random. Am I missing some crucial SATC reference that explains this—or perhaps it refers to the fact that Mr. Big was so resistant to commitment that it was like his heart traveled in a suitcase? Either way, this game sounds like so much fun… Oh, wait, there’s one more thing:

Throughout the game, video clips from the show pop up on the LCD monitor, keeping players engaged with the characters even if they’re losing money.

See! You really can’t lose! Regardless, the biggest winners of this story are the puns the Post uses: “‘Sex’ Machines,” “Cash & Carrie,” and the best one, “Samantha is so slotty!” I’m betting they missed a big opportunity by not including any Char-roulette jokes. (Sorry!)

‘Sex” Machines [New York Post]

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