She's Literally Running 


Elizabeth Warren is not going to miss her train, okay?

TMZ reports that the senator and Democratic presidential candidate “bolted through” Penn Station in New York City on Monday afternoon while trying to catch a train.

Warren just kept running, even as paparazzi Adam Glyn tried to ask her a question about the Mueller report.

And the video of her mad dash is totally endearing:

When Glyn finally caught up with her, Warren talked about how energizing the campaign trail is and said that people are “fired up and ready for change.” On the Mueller report, Warren said that while it should be made public, it’s not the primary concern for most voters.

“I just spent the last two days doing public events in New Hampshire,” said Warren. “I took a ton of questions. Do you know how many questions I got about the Mueller report? Zero.”

Anyway, Warren is… literally running.

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