Shetland Pony Suckles Lamb, Ushers in Era of World Peace


Just when you thought Shetland ponies couldn’t get any more adorable, they go ahead and quadruple their adorability in one squee-packed news item. A mother pony living in the Black Mountains in Wales let a lamb suckle from her despite having a young foal of her own.

This act of interspecies milk-guzzling is especially remarkable, notes the Telegraph, because Shetland mares are notoriously parsimonious with their teets. According to equine veterinarian Georgina Hirst, it’s hard enough trying to get a mare to feed her own foal, let alone some strange, knobby-kneed lamb orphan:

Trying to get mares to adopt foals can be very challenging so it’s incredible the mare was so receptive of the lamb.
She would even stand guard while the foal and the lamb slept cuddled together.

Yes, you read that correctly: Shetland pony cuddles lamb, Earth explodes in a burst of fuzzy confetti.


Image via Getty, Alan Crowhurst

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