Shocking Survey Says Women Want Men To Respect Them


A new survey finds that mutual respect is what women want most in a relationship. That’s not a shock — but the source,, is a bit more surprising.

According to a press release somewhat oddly titled “Survey Shows That in a Relationship Women Crave Respect Above All Else,” 27% of survey respondents “admitted that what they wanted most in a relationship from the men of their dreams was mutual respect.” Twenty-three percent prized communication above all else, 17% valued “shared interests,” and 7% cared most about humor. Says Gwenna Hunter, VP of Marketing and Social Media at,

It was shocking that humor came in last with only 7 percent of the votes. I have to agree, however, that mutual respect is extremely important and it goes far in a relationship. It can be the secret ingredient in obtaining more passion, humor, and communication in the long run.

I’m not sure we need the love-ologists of HTGTMOYD to force women to “admit” that they “crave” respect, but we apparently do need them for advice in other areas. Like this, from the site:

If […] you dismiss a man’s compliment as a common courtesy, or are afraid to meet someone new, you could be closing yourself off to the start of what could be a wonderful life-long relationship. Contrary to what many women seem to believe, not every man who approaches you is a serial killer. The actual likelihood of someone being a serial killer is about 0.000001%, or one in a million. So relax. How do you know that the man you meet isn’t a stalker or potential murderer? Use your inner intuition, and truly listen to what the man is saying without fear. You’ll then be able to determine if you want to proceed forward (Check out our article, How to Interpret a Man’s Approach in 60 Seconds or Less).

Sadly, the article is for subscribers only, so we can’t tell you HTGTMOYD’s foolproof method for spotting murderers. However, we can tell you what happens to a man when he falls in love:

Once it happens, colors become numbers, numbers become letters, and letters turn into a confusion of emotion that leave you utterly baffled at what you are experiencing. For some people, time will even stop.

It might be hard to maintain mutual respect when The Man of Your Dreams is all like “roses are four, violets are thirty-seven,” but maybe this is where communication comes in. Just write pi to eight hundred digits on a piece of paper, and when time starts again, he’ll give you a foot rub. And almost certainly not murder you.

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