Show and Tell! What Would Your Ideal 2013 Look Like?


Personally, 2011 was my shittiest year of all time, 2012 was exactly halfsies (ultimate shit-show v. best-year-ever), and 2013 is…TBD. Now I’m no mathemagician, but I’m hoping I can keep up that trajectory and make the next 364 days the 100% BEST NONSTOP PARTY YEAR YET. So what better way to manifest that shit than with a (complete-garbage-nonsense) magical intention board! Let’s do this together, crystal-gazers!

Find the gif or YouTube video that most encapsulates the 2013 of your dreams and post it in the comments. I’m going with “Palance” by JW & Blaze* (above), because I want my 2013 to have 200% more sexy businesswomen in bouncy-castles and 300% more jumping.

*Which, yes, sorry-not-sorry, I also posted in Dirt Bag yesterday. Because IMPORTANT.

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