ShoWest, Young Woman!


What, you ask, are the ShoWest Awards? We’re glad you did! They’re thrown by the movie-theater industry, and apparently attract a ton of A-list stars to Vegas. The better question is: what the hell was SJP wearing?

Evil fairy princess Sarah Jessica Parker is counting on what happens in Vegas staying in Vegas. No such luck!

Sometimes, like in Vanessa Hudgens‘ Klimt-y number, you really see the point of this festive-sequins trend!

Director Todd Phillips, recipient of the Director of the Year Award, is actually pulling off the shiny suit!

Kinda love Katherine Heigl‘s retro red – if you’re gonna go brunette, you have to do bombshell ruby while you’re at it, no?

Cynthia Nixon takes the cut-out thing to a whole new level. That of a 19th Century barn decoration.

Either they ran out of sequins or Kristen Davis is about to do some really sparkly baking.

Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award recipients Alice Mathias looks great, but what’s with Andy Landen’s shoes?

I’ve mentioned how much I hate this whole nude chest-panel thing, right? I think this is a good time to mention it again.

[Images via Getty.]

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