Sister Wives' Greatest Fear: Feminists!


On last night’s episode of Sister Wives, the Browns visited Tufts University, where they’d been invited to be part of a discussion about their religion and lifestyle. When asked if they were nervous or scared. Christine said she was “imagining an audience full of feminists.” OH NO OH MY GOD ANYTHING BUT THAT. She continued: “They’ll look at us and think that we live a suppressed, oppressed lifestyle.” Well… yeah. Honestly, these women seem intelligent and communicative and happy. But their religion — invented in the 1820s — is a tool of oppression. Brigham Young himself wrote, “It is not the privilege of a woman to dictate the husband, and tell who or how many he shall take, or what he shall do with them when he gets them but it is the duty of the woman to submit cheerfully.” The ladies on the show are not idiots, but the belief system they have been taught has a built-in patriarchal inequality. Mormon apostle Heber C. Kimball said, “I think no more of taking another wife than I do of buying a cow.” Also, in the Mormon faith, a woman must be married to get into heaven. If oppression is the “unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power,” then Mormonism is oppressive. (And so are many religions. The Browns belong to the Apostolic United Brethren Church, a Mormon fundamentalist church within the Latter Day Saint movement.)

On a more serious note, during the discussion at the school, Warren Jeffs came up. Robyn got visibly upset about the situation, saying, “I think he deserves to rot in hell. I really do.”

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