Sleep in a Stranger's Garage for a Mere $925 Per Month


Potential LA-area renters, get ready to have your socks blown off: we’ve found the perfect apartment! It has everything an up-and-coming Californian could want. Except no bathroom. And if you have pets you can’t live there. And you can’t smoke in it. And someone is already using it to store antiques and stuff. Also sometimes there are cars parked in it. Ok, ok. Fine. It’s a garage. And I thought there were some terrible apartments on the market in New York City.

Here’s the full ad, which is OBVIOUSLY FOR A GARAGE,

$925 Unique, private & affordable living situation for the right renter (santa monica)

Couple in the heart of historic Santa Monica with unique and affordable living arrangement for the right renter. Side unit,seperate from house with a private entry for rent. Lots of space although we have antiques stored t& occasionally park our cars inside. This unique unit ideal for someone LA who doesn’t spendalot time at home but values a safe affordable place to store their belongings. $925 a month and a REAL steal for this area. We can also talk about work around the home in exchange for some of your rent but we are particular as to how things are taken care of in the main house and the property. Unit doesnt come with bathroom but we can discuss you coming into the main house for an additional cost. Nonsmokers please. No pets or other small things im sorry.

No other small things. Not even hope.


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