Slender Lorises Mistakenly Accept Invitation to Ill-Fated Pants Party


Two adorable slender lorises unwittingly RSVPed to what, by all accounts, should have been a smashing good pants party. They probably spent weeks picking out funny pants (assless chaps? plaid? bell bottoms?) and telling their loris friends, who all said things like, “Oooo, take pictures!” and “Don’t get too wasted!” Unfortunately, the pants party consisted of being stuffed unceremoniously in the pants of a man from the United Arab Emirates who was detained in a New Delhi airport for the suspicious loris-shaped bulge in his pants.

For occasions such as these, it seems only fitting that the rare slender loris (which measures a mere 10 inches on average) sports a look of perpetual sadness verging on alarm. The airport guards discovered one loris in the man’s pants during a routine pat-down, and found a second loris discarded in an airport trash can, thus ending what was no doubt one of the most disappointing parties ever. The loris, a native species of Sri Lanka, is listed as endangered under the Wildlife Protection Act of India.

Airport guards catch man smuggling rare primate in his pants [CNN]

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