Smart Mom Sells Baby Naming Rights for a Cool Five Grand


Apparently some people are up in arms about the fact that 26-year-old Natasha Hill is taking $5,000 to let the public name her baby. What’s so wrong with that? It’s a public vote, so she’ll just end up with something super popular and generic, right? Like Max or Isabella. (or SOOKIE??)

Unless the voting process heads south and becomes all design by committee — if that happens, the name could ends up being as sloppy as Google’s logo. If the public wants a precious baby girl named Alligator Stanley, the public will get a precious baby girl named Alligator Stanley. Of course, as soon as the contest is over and nobody’s paying attention anymore, she can always just switch it to whatever she wants (like Isabella or Max).

Really, what’s to be annoyed about? This seems like a no-brainer — take the money and run, Natasha and baby Boris*!

*This is obviously my vote, boy or girl.


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