Snooki Does Her Best To Win Over Judgmental Parents


Since The CW had released clips of Snooki meeting her H8R over the summer, I didn’t think there would be anything interesting in last night’s premiere episode of the show. But I was wrong. The Jersey Shore guidette didn’t just confront her hater — but her hater’s parents, a reserved-and-judgemental mother and former sheriff, natch.

The moment Snooki walks into her the home of her H8R, his family mocks her. But when you show up in light-up stiletto shoes, you just may be asking for it. Regardless, Snooks pressed on in her quest to win this family over, and started first with the Mom. She doesn’t like her daughter to watch Jersey Shore it’s “over the top” and she doesn’t “like the image it portrays” because “its not what us Moms and Dads like our kids to do.” Next, the Dad approaches Snooki about her drunken-and-televised arrest on the beach starting with, “You know my background as a sheriff, right? I’m very much involved with a lot of Snooki-type personalities and girls on the streets.” Snooki had some surprisingly honest words about it: “Me getting arrested for being drunk is obviously very embarrassing … obviously a mistake. It’s a great thing because it actually changed my mind about life and maybe I do really need to calm down with partying and stuff like that.”

Yet somehow, by the end of the episode the entire family had changed their tune and were embracing their new friend “Nicole.” Possibly due to the seemingly endless flow of wine we noticed happening in the background? Yeah, that has to be it.

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