So… How Do We Feel About Jennifer Hudson's High-Heeled Sneakers?


Jennifer Hudson just dropped the video for her latest, a collaboration with Timbaland called “Walk It Out.” Ironic title for a perfectly chill driving-to-the-beach summer jam! And it’ll maybe give you flashbacks if you spent any part of the 1990s in front of MTV.

In the video (via the New York Post), Jennifer Hudson mostly just strolls/struts through the streets of Chicago. Various dudes try to attract her attention; she gives them the brushoff. She stops off in a beauty salon and leads the ladies in a brief dance. You know, casual Saturday-afternoon stuff. The big question: Are those high-heeled sneakers are fantastic or terrible?

I recuse myself from this debate because I don’t believe in sneakers as a matter of foot-sweat principle, but I will definitely be making another ill-advised crop-top purchase. Thanks a lot, JHud.

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