So Leslie Jordan Started a Dylan McDermott Fan Club

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So Leslie Jordan Started a Dylan McDermott Fan Club
Leslie Jordan Image: (Getty)

Leslie Jordan is, in many ways, everything I hope to be when I grow up. He’s been slapped by Megan Mullally, had an eye scooped out by Frances Conroy, and apparently Faye Dunaway once told him he reminded her of Tennessee Williams. Of course, that might have just been Dunaway’s way of flagging that she had a gay friend but, when you’re Faye Dunaway, I imagine that’s a given.

However, although Jordan is a font of wisdom and entertainment, solid judgment might not be his strong suit, as he recently announced via Instagram that he has launched the Dylan McDermott fan club for middle-aged gay men.

“I, Leslie Jordan, plan to be listed as the founder and the guiding light. I’m actually the one member right now but interest has been expressed and we’re working on a poster,” Jodan said in one of the dozens of videos he’s uploaded to his Instagram page in recent weeks.

As many people know, middle-age for gay men extends from 26 to 65, so it’s great to see Jordan, who is 64, doing something with the time he has left while we are within the same age range. Of course, it would be more encouraging to see him launch a fan club for someone who wasn’t accused of sexual assault, but that is a feat that is becoming all the more difficult in recent years.

“I am not worthy!” McDermott responded on Instagram, which is probably true.

If you’ve somehow missed out on Jordan’s Instagram presence over the last month, I invite you to acquaint yourself with it because, in addition to starting questionable fan clubs, he’s also sharing some luscious little tidbits about his nearly four decades in the industry, including that bit about Dunaway above and more recently an anecdote about Boy George and a horse.

Apparently, the pair were filming a commercial in the desert and Boy George was meant to get on a horse, which he very much didn’t want to do. “Oh for god’s sake George, be a good fairy and get on the horse,” someone on set allegedly said, to which George replied, “I am a good fairy! Poof, you’re a pile of shit. I’m not getting on that horse.” I love it.

While Jordan seems to look back more fondly on his memories of Boy George than he does on those of Faye Dunaway, neither has gotten the fan club treatment McDermott has, but given the ferocity with which Jordan posts on his page, only time will tell who’s next. [Page Six]

John Krasinski is really doing his best to make me cry lately, and given my vulnerable state his efforts are paying off. In all honesty, I am a huge baby who recently cried afters seeing a rainbow outside my window, so it might have more do to with me than with him but regardless, this is very sweet!

Krasinski, for his YouTube show Some Good News, hosted a virtual prom for teens who were unable to attend an in-person prom due to coronavirus restrictions. Aw! He was joined by Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, and Chane the Rapper, to give high schoolers a chance to celebrate from a reasonable social distance. This is something I’ sure many of the chaperones at my school dances would have appreciated, as it would have saved them the energy they spent shouting “leave room for the Holy Spirit!” at us from every corner of the room.

While I’m not sure getting all dressed up to sit in a house by yourself and watch the Jonas Brothers perform is exactly analogous to attending an in-person prom, it sounds like pretty much exactly what my prom experience was like in 2009, so, to any teens who might be reading this, I hope that makes you feel better! [E! News]

Here’s a video of Leslie Jordan talking about being high for his senior photo in high school.

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