So Much Peen at the Rick Owens Menswear Show


Rick Owens’ menswear show today in Paris was a mishmash of raw edges, high necklines, earth tones, and dicks. Donald Ducking Is Officially In. This post is NSFW.

Several looks had some convenient lil’ cutouts to really showcase that D—apparently a “blink if you miss it” moment IRL, which many attendees did miss because they were on their damn phones. Twitter, as you can imagine/might have already noticed, went NUTZ:

I feel absolutely terrible for these models. Maybe this is misplaced sympathy. Maybe they were all really down with this plan. BUT SOMETHING TELLS ME THEY WEREN’T. Yes, women show their breasts on the runway all the time—but boobs (okay, model-sized boobs) don’t flap around. Boobs don’t shrink in the cold.

That said, I’m not going to, like, not roll out some pics. In this first image, we have here the smallest hint of a penis, just a taste:

In this second image, which I apologize for in advance…oh god, I don’t even know:

Let’s hear it for genitalia, am I right??

(I am now opening up the floor to dick jokes.)

Images via Getty

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