So WTF Happened With That Hacker Stuff?


We know you have questions and concerns about the weekend site hacks. Some shady business went down, indeed. Let’s discuss.

As it turns out, the silver glitter dusted upon our servers is actually not a security measure — and no matter how much we may have gussied up the place, the databases simply were not safe. You have a right to be pissed about these security flaws, and we are working around the clock to ensure the safety and security of all Gawker Media sites moving forward.

To our commenters, we cannot apologize enough. We value your contribution to the site and we’d never intentionally compromise that. You’re the fuel to the story-fires we start, and we take your concerns very seriously.

If you have not yet changed your comment account password, please stop here and click through to Lifehacker’s comprehensive FAQ on the weekend’s security breach and the steps you should immediately take to secure your account.

Update: Just to clarify, whether you see your name on some hacked list or not — CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. We have no indication that the leaked lists are the entirety of what was hacked; we have no idea how much info the hackers have that wasn’t included in yesterday’s release. Assume your account was affected, and change your password.

If you are having problems with the reset, or accessing your newly reset account (or Facebook or whatever else), email me with your username and I will direct your issue to the right people. Update: See update 4 below; email [email protected] IF this is still an issue TOMORROW. I cannot promise immediate fixes for your specific problems, but they will be handled, eventually.

In the meantime, we’ll do our best to answer what questions that remain* and provide a space for you to vent or bond together in lesbian shitass solidarity.

*Our brother sites are full of very resourceful commenters, and there’s no harm in checking out the cross-site ingenuity, savvy and generosity over in the threads at Lifehacker and Gizmodo. Admittedly, your head Jezebels are not quite the tech geniuses that these guys are.

Update 2: Now with bonus contrition.
Starring our publisher, Nick Denton, and Chief Tech Officer Tom Plunkett. Trust me, they are indeed very sorry. And sleepless and hungry, too.

Update 3: If you want to see if your name is on the list of compromised accounts, here’s an excellent app. NB: Just because not on this list doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Change your password anyhow.

Update 4 (why the hell not!):
Some more info from tech: If you can’t log in or have been locked out in some shape or form, it may very well mean that you have a simple password which is easily cracked. If that’s the case, your password is in the process of being reset.

Three possibilities.
A. You have an email address associated with account, click Reset password to get a new password.
B. Try again tomorrow after ongoing tech issues sorted.
C. If you don’t have an email address associated with your account and still can’t log in tomorrow: email [email protected] and we will manually reinstate you after a few verification questions.

Try to sit tight until tomorrow, then email.

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