Sony Breaks Silence in Dr. Luke-Kesha Case, Implies It's Not Up to Them

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Following loud public outcry (from norms and celebrities alike), Sony has released a statement addressing Kesha’s contract with Kemosabe Records (which falls under the Sony umbrella), stating that they cannot release her from it—even if they wanted to.

Kemosabe, as previously reported, is run by Dr. Luke, a producer who is alleged to have emotionally and sexually abused Kesha over the course of their professional relationship. On Friday, a New York Supreme Court judge ruled that Kesha must stay bound by her contract to Kemosabe and produce six more albums under the label.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg’s Polly Mosendz wrote that Sony is not able to cancel Kesha’s contract, something the company’s lawyer confirmed in the New York Times yesterday:

Scott A. Edelman, an attorney representing the company, said, “Sony has made it possible for Kesha to record without any connection, involvement or interaction with Luke whatsoever, but Sony is not in a position to terminate the contractual relationship between Luke and Kesha.”
Kesha remains signed to Dr. Luke’s label, Kemosabe Records, a subsidiary of Sony, through a separate deal with his production company, Kasz Money Inc.
“Sony is doing everything it can to support the artist in these circumstances, but is legally unable to terminate the contract to which it is not a party,” Mr. Edelman said.

In other words, Kesha is bound to Kemosabe because Dr. Luke—who says he’s invested $60 million in her career—wants her bound to Kemosabe. If you choose to believe Kesha’s claim (found in the lawsuit she filed to void her contract) that Dr. Luke sought to “maintain complete control over her life and career,” this move doesn’t seem all that surprising.


Halsey would like some FUCKING COMPASSION, please.

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard Johnson didn’t have sex with her now-husband for a full year before they got married for the wackiest, saddest reason:

“I knew the person I would wait with was going to be my husband,” she tells People. “I always knew after [having sex in past relationships], this is not right. I’m not supposed to be doing this. I felt like I had broken God’s heart so many times before, by all the times I’d messed up and done things God would be sad about. I just wanted to do something purposefully so I could show God how much I love Him by obeying his word.”

Aw, girl.

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