Sophia Bush Says Her Friend Pointed Out That She Might Not ‘Like Men’

“One of my best friends looked at me and was like, ‘I gotta say, that was just painful to watch,’” Bush said her friend told her after her marriage ended in 2023. “Also, I don’t actually think you like men.”

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Sophia Bush Says Her Friend Pointed Out That She Might Not ‘Like Men’

Sophia Bush has truly been on a beautiful journey throughout the past year. But it’s possibly a journey she could have embarked on sooner if only her friend hadn’t taken so long to speak up. On the most recent episode of her podcast, Work in Progress, Bush discussed coming out and what specifically prompted her “aha” moment.

“One of my best friends looked at me and was like, ‘I gotta say, that was just painful to watch, and I’m so glad you’re getting out of it,’” Bush said, referring to the end of her marriage and eventual divorce in 2023. Her friend then told her he was “not the right person for her” concluding with, “Also, I don’t actually think you like men.” If I’m Sophia Bush, my next question to my friend would be, why didn’t you tell me this before “my activist brain turned on” and I spent time and money on a wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma??? But to each their own.

She also revealed in the episode that, years before this epiphany, she was in love with a “beautiful French exchange student” as a teenager. “There was sort of this moment where I was like, ‘Oh, maybe the drama when I fell in love with this beautiful French exchange student when I was 16 wasn’t about her being a girl,’” she said. “It was that she lived in France, and my parents were like, ‘This feels irrational and really like a setup for heartbreak for you. You’re 16.’”

Bush also further talked about how she didn’t feel comfortable identifying as bi for a long time since she’s primarily dated men. “Then I was like, ‘Oh, my God, the queer community has been my home and is the home of my whole family since I was old enough to understand,’” she explained. “‘Uncle Tony had a boyfriend and not a girlfriend. I would never want to hurt the people I care the most about who’ve been in this fight for liberation for so long. I’m gonna get out of the way.’”

“And then, it was like, ‘Well, maybe I don’t have to get out of the way. Maybe I just get to like who I like,’” she continued. “What a revolutionary f—ing idea.”

Bush and her girlfriend, Ashlyn Harris, made it Hollywood official in March…following months of rumors over when exactly they got together and when exactly Harris split from her now ex-wife, Ali Kreiger. Bush then officially came out in April, on the cover of Glamour. “I finally feel like I can breathe,” she wrote in an essay for the magazine. “I don’t think I can explain how profound that is.”

Happy for her! Happy Pride! <3

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