Sorry, China: Your Name-Brand Condoms May Be Fake


Chinese police just busted two factory owners and some of their workers in a fake condom operation. This is seriously bad and nasty.

The investigation began when a police officer noticed brand name condoms selling for suspiciously cheap (16 cents a dingle wrapper, or 1 yuan) in, the Chinese version of Amazon. The police bought some of the condoms and found them to be unregulated knock-offs.

On March 29, police raided a small underground factory and walked in on a few workers assembling the condoms into Durex, Contex and Jissbon wrappers. Although details on the cleanliness of the actual factory are limited, we do know that the workers were applying oil as lubricant to the condoms (not sure what kind of oil it was). Police seized 4.6 million of these falsely labeled condoms worth up to 7.8 million USD. The small underground factory was producing up to 20,000 condoms a day, and it only cost .2 yuan to make them.

The Sham Wang Gang, Rip Dick Clique, crazy fake-safe-sex-ring (lost my creativity) was mostly led by the two factory bosses that had apparently made about $260,000 from their operation, which began in December. Sucky thing is that they’re not the only ones: police discovered two other underground factories shelling out fake comdoms.

The condoms were sold in small vendors, supermarkets, adult shops, pharmacies, and the mentioned online site. So, everywhere people go to buy condoms. Police have yet to announce whether the condoms were actually faulty. However, considering that Ghana seized fake, faulty condoms shipped from China last year that were prone to bursting or had holes already poked in them, hopes are not exactly high.

Ew, horrible.

Fake-Condom Factory Busted in Fujian [China Daily]

Image via AP.

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