Spencer Pratt Wants To Film Sex Tape With Lady Gaga


Today in Tweet Beat, Spencer wants to “use” Lady Gaga “properly” by filming a sex tape with her. Barf. Meanwhile, Heidi Montag is keeping herself busy designing a Fourth of July outfit.

@PerezHilton help me film a sex tape with Lady Gaga then I will really be using her properly for press. All i need is 8 minutes or so…less than a minute ago via web

Spencer Pratt

Designing my 4th of July outfit!less than a minute ago via mobile web

Heidi Montag

Staying in the most beautiful, magical house I’ve ever seen. I wish all my little monsters were here with me, The Eve of the Eltonball.less than a minute ago via OpenBeak

Lady Gaga

Madonna copied everyone!including me.HIGHEST form of Flattery!!RT @RossBender I wish lady gaga would find someone else to emulate.less than a minute ago via Twittelator

Debi Mazar

Madonna fans,relax.:)She is the Queen of reinvention.Im just sayin Gaga,is inspired by her and that’s cool.Btw,Madonna loves it!less than a minute ago via Twittelator

Debi Mazar

Omg this car just lifted off the ground goin over this hill and squished my poof on the roof. Almost had a heart attack. Whew…less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Nicole Polizzi

Snooki and jwow looked so cute. They are really fun TAN girls. We love tan!!!!!!!less than a minute ago via txt

Kelly K. Bensimon

Why are most of the REAL HOUSEWIVES on TV broke? Doesn’t anyone pay them?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Jackie Collins

My body’s so terrible, Sports Illustrated asked me to be in their Snowsuit Issue.less than a minute ago via web

Joan Rivers

“Rolling Stone” may have brought down the US military commander in Afghanistan. Worse, they only gave Miley’s new album 3 out of 5 stars.less than a minute ago via web

Conan O’Brien

Remember pple only write nasty things and make fun of u cuz they’re insecure with themselves and jealous always remember that!less than a minute ago via web

Nikki Blonsky

i should nt be tweetin this but um drunk as a fool rite naaa hahahahaless than a minute ago via web

juicy j

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